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You wouldn’t by our shitty cars

My friend David from the USA sent me by e-mail this ad, it shows how Americans see this huge, terrible, crisis that is hitting their car industry. I think many people in the country do not trust the official reasons being spread by the media as for why money has to be given to these industries, apparently for free.

You wouldn't buy our shitty cars

You wouldn't buy our shitty cars

This is a very complex issue. My view here in Spain may be different from that of my friends in the USA. My company produces and sells industrial equipment for catering, etc. Our products comply with all EC safety regulations, standards, and so but they do not seem to be OK to be sold in the US market. We’ve been trying to introduce our products in the US market with no success for many years since we are required to fulfill a huge range of regulations, health and safety standards, which seem to be changed every time we try to adapt our products to them, etc. These rules of course differ from those existing in Europe. I bet none of both can convince the other side that their regulations are safer, better, than the others. So what’s the deal? protectionism! companies pay lobbyists so they put pressure on the Governments who dictate the rules. Then you prevent those companies from really competing in the market, they do not necessarilly become better and try to optimize their products and processes because they do not need to: the Governments protect them and keep them safe at home. And when bad times come they cry for help. Those foreign companies selling cars in your domestic market have done so thanks to many Government-level agreements, because they relaxed the protectionism rules without giving the time to GM etc to adapt. They do not need to and thought somehow Uncle Sam would save them at the last.

I am sure that US companies trying to sell their products in Europe will be facing the same protectionism rules. My company has spent hundreds of thousands of euros in obtaining certificates from many US authorities but we are still in the process. This is crazy and nonsense if we are talking about globalism and open markets.

Important note: the opinions expressed in this post are solely mine and private and do not necessarilly express my organization’s point of view of the issue.

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  1. Zurda
    14 diciembre, 2008 en 20:17

    Perfect english Fermín, where did you learn it?

  2. fbernaus
    14 diciembre, 2008 en 23:05

    Mainly by myself. I learnt some English at school and spent 2 months in Plymouth before I started University, but that was sooo many years ago. I practice English with my good friend David from San Francisco and I spent a month in Texas which really helped improve my skills.

    I like keeping my English alive, I read and listen to English whenever I can (I love the BBC News podcasts which are posted every day).

    Now it’s French what I’d like to learn but that means I need more spare time than I actually have…

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